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A blockchain​ is a public ledger that records all Bitcoin​ transactions, eliminating the need for a third party to process payments.

Think of it as a full history of banking transactions. Blocks, or the most recent transactions being recorded, are like an individual banking statement. Each completed block is added to the chain, and another block begins, forming the constantly growing blockchain.

Bitcoin isn’t regulated by a central authority. Instead, its users dictate and verify transactions when one person pays another for goods or services. The completed transaction is publicly recorded into the blockchain, where it’s verified by other Bitcoin users.

Blockchain is seen as Bitcoin’s main technological innovation, since it provides proof of each transaction. It can review transaction histories to determine how much value a particular address owned at any time. Each computer that’s connected to the Bitcoin network receives a copy of the blockchain upon joining the network.


Bitcoin Press Release: Tech startup TriForce Tokens has announced its official ICO campaign, and is offering the first 50 Pre-ICO participants a free ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Blockchain Startup TriForce  UK-based tech company TriForce Tokens has announced the dates for its upcoming ICO campaign, and will be giving the first 50 Pre-ICO participants a free Nano S cryptocurrency wallet
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Bitcoin Press Release: UTRUST has raised $3.5 Million from early private investors and its sold out pre-ICO for its blockchain payments platform; announcing early supporter rewards for anyone who registers on the UTRUST website before September 20th. UTRUST Raises $3.5 Million UTRUST is pleased to announce it has so far raised $3.5 Million USD in total, for the world‘s first Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments platform with consumer protections.
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Bitcoin Press Release: Online drop catching startup DomRaider has announced a successful token pre-sale, in which it sold over 262 million tokens, in less than a month. The main ICO sale is now live. Blockchain Startup DomRaider   French-based drop catching startup DomRaider has announced a successful token pre-sale, in which the company sold over 262 million DMR
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Bitcoin Press Release: Chimaera makes decentralized game development easier and more economical with its groundbreaking blockchain-backed solution. Revolutionary Game Technology Chimaera, a group of gaming and blockchain experts who have been building in the scene since 2013 Revolutionary Game Technology Chimaera, a group of gaming and blockchain experts who have been building in the scene since
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Bitcoin Press Release: Toronto-based blockchain solutions company, Blockchain Foundry announces the launch of Blockmarket, the world’s first decentralized marketplace. Blockchain Foundry Following several months of testing and an unprecedented and successful security audit, Blockchain Foundry Inc. is proud to officially launch the long-awaited desktop release of its revolutionary Blockmarket Desktop application. Powered by the Syscoin blockchain and its
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