Unlock the Secrets of Your Psyche – Overcome Personality Disorders and Build Self-Confidence

Perhaps you believe you know who you are and that you can control your behavior; or you may understand that you cannot control your behavior and that your personality is not stable.

In either case, I advise you to start paying attention to the dreams you see when you sleep. Take notes, interpret their meaning with the unique scientific method that exactly translates their messages and compare them, so that you may see who you really are and how you can actually control your behaviour.

If you have personality disorders and you are afraid you may never be able to feel strong and self-confident, don’t lose hope, because the correct method of dream therapy is a real miracle! No matter how weak, depressed, confused or lost you are, this therapy will give you a new life and disposition.

In the beginning you are going to see all your mistakes and learn how to correct them, so that you may acquire psychical and physical health, since mind and body are strongly connected, and your physical problems are caused by mistakes in your judgment and behavior.

If you believe you are sensible and always will be, you may be surprised with what you are going to discover in the other side of your mind, where your wild self exists.

The wild part is always working against your human conscience and trying to destroy it through craziness. In order to protect your human side and develop all your capacities to the utmost, you need psychotherapy, even if you don’t feel you have psychological problems. You do have them, but they are not perceived by your conscious mind. This is something you will understand only when you see how much of yourself never had the chance to develop because it belonged to the wild side of your conscience and was wasted there; and you’ll realize it only after developing all your psychological functions.

If you have had many traumas, multiple personalities, or opposite personalities, interpreting your dreams will give you the chance to define your personality and evolve, free of the alterations in your character that make you behave strangely and lose control.

Dream therapy is indispensable for everyone and has no age restrictions. It is a protection for teens, a salvation for adults and the beginning of a new life for elderly people, who finally have the chance to complete their neglected personality.

This is the best and safest existing psychotherapy, since your doctor is the wise and saintly unconscious mind that gives you sensitivity, religiosity and philosophical questioning. It is that which produces your dreams in order to save your human side from the attacks of the violent anti-conscience, your primitive conscience, which is still alive inside you and tries to take your place and control your behavior, instead of being controlled by your conscious mind.

After transforming the dangerous wild conscience into a positive part of your human conscience, and after developing your personality and your capacities, you will be really strong and self-confident, and will be really able to control your behavior and define who you are.

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