Nurture Your Expectations

Do you nurture your expectations to ensure that your intentions and desires are broadcast to a benevolent universe? There are a plethora of ethereal forces that are poised to aid you as you seek to manifest success in your life, provided you solicit help and make your desires known. When your thoughts are optimistic and concerned with your eventual triumphs, you attract the aid and resources you need to achieve your goals.

When your mind is focused on positive thoughts, few distractions can take hold. It is moments of ambivalence or lack of focus that prompts the universe to hold back, because the universe operates on the frequency of doing. The optimistic nature of your thoughts will propel you on the journey of your clear desires.

Intentions are like electromagnetic waves that flow into the universe, as if you are transmitting a radio signal. The universe receives your thoughts and reflects them back to you via the physical universe. The more thought and emotion you put into your intention, the stronger the wave you will send out, and the stronger the bounce-back reflection will be. Failing to hold an intention means you did not put enough energy behind it. The reflection (i.e. the manifestation) may be so weak you will not detect it.

As you focus on your short-term plans and long-term goals, consider taking some time to meditate on the specific desires you want to achieve. Once you have broadcast your intentions to the universe, you will be surprised to discover that you are presented with numerous opportunities. Whether you choose to ask a spiritual guide to aid you or simply affirm your ambition to the universe, you can attract success by making a conscious effort to think positively and nurture your expectations.

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