Let Go of Old Thoughts – Bring in New Thoughts

Do you wake up in the morning with a sense of ‘another day of travail and struggle?’ Or do you wake up with enthusiasm that it is a brand new day, a day with great possibilities and opportunities? You know the implication of each. Which do you want in your day? The choice is yours.

Remember this day has not been lived before and will never be lived again. It is completely in your hands. The Creator imbued you with free will and the power to create what you desire each second. Hold that precious, dear gift with consideration, anticipation and enthusiasm to create the day you deserve. It is yours to have and to hold.

This is the first second of the rest of your day, you can start anew. Take a deep breath, inhale relaxation and exhale tension. Continue to inhale deeply and exhale slowly to a one second count for each number from five to one. Notice that you are feeling refreshed and more relaxed.

Now decide what you desire to let go. It might be a worry, concern, frustration, sadness, anger, guilt, shame or fear. Let it go now. Remember all feelings are created from the ego mind. While feelings are important, the key is processing the feelings and letting them go to pave the road to happiness.

When you decide what you desire to let go, decide also, what you want to replace it with. For example replace worry with confidence. “I am confident I can accomplish whatever I desire or decide.”

Renowned Kinesiologist, Dr. Otis Thomas recommends affirmations to create ‘letting go.’ When you decide to ‘let go,’ take a deep breath, release the breath slowly, while saying, “I release whatever is no longer serving me and so does my inner being. I release this now forever into the ethers. I release and so does my inner being. I declare I am free now to exercise my ability to ‘let go’ and change course to something that is in my best interest.” Then state the replacement affirmation – i.e. “I am confident I will accomplish whatever I desire or decide.”

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