Awakened From Hibernation

I went to a catholic school and like many of us we go through life in hibernation. I call it hibernation cause one day we will all awaken to who we truly are. God was there when I went to school and when I went to mass every morning. He was there on Sunday’s too providing that I could find my shoes that I may have hid the night before. Yes, my father would leave without us if we could not find our shoes. The first time that had happened was unintentionally. Not so much afterwards.

Childhood for me was happy except for some minor set backs. But who doesn’t have some minor set backs? Don’t we all have them?

We live day by day reaching for this belief of a happy home, happy life, happy career based on how we were raised. Can these things; home, life, career make you happy? What makes one happy? What makes one trust what’s really real? So, like I said, we go and live day by day living a life with ups and downs, set backs, stress, frustration and what we THINK is happiness, love etc. Get the picture? We strive for material objects to make us happy. Like the cars, knick knacks we think we need, big homes, the latest and greatest gadgets. We not only provide ourselves with these items but we provide our kids with these items as well.

Yes, we make an unconscious decision or choice to have all these things. For me, I was asking myself, “Do I need all these goods to make me happy? Until one day you awaken from your hibernation from all this nonsense and you say to yourself, “There’s more to life than eating, sleeping, working and being frustrated, unhappy, miserable, and disillusioned. Go find out what IT is.”

Well then you step back and say, “Okay, so I have to go find IT?” Then you think…key word there–THINK. Do I have to do this myself? I can’t do this by myself. Go find what? What am I suppose to be finding? How will I know when I have found IT? No, no,no I can’t do this. The fear has hit you like a ton of bricks.

You have two options here 1. Listen to the fear that the ego is telling you and fall back into hibernation or 2. Take a leap of faith and go find what “IT” is.

I am going to go with number two cause lets say unconsciously I have done number one to many times. My journey of discovery and finding what “IT” is takes me to places I have never dreamt possible.

This is what “IT” is. IT is LOVE. Unconditional TRUE LOVE. IT is finding happiness within yourself. Loving yourself first and foremost. Without knowing how to love yourself you can not love others. We ALL have the Divine Spark within us. We are God and Goddess. That we are all connected to each other. We are ONE. One consciousness which is held together by energy and love. Love makes the world go round. Being grateful brings us more of what we want. Thanking the Divine for everything in and around you. We will then see more miracles showing up in our daily lives. We are here to enjoy ourselves, it’s our birth right. I Co-Create my life. That in choosing love, joy, bliss I create those in my life and live in that higher vibration. I have free will. Forgiveness is the biggest healer. That I a love and loved. I Am All That I AM- I AM are very powerful words. I AM a silver violet flame and I Am the purest that God desires. That I am a spiritual being in physical form. The more I find myself and who I truly am the more I evolve and help others too. I am forever changing and morphing. The land has a lot to tell us if we listen. Rumi helped awakened the love within me. I am a lightworker and projector. I am living in the most extraordinary times. I AM LOVE and I am YOU.

God is in charge, I Am in service to him. I AM changing the world and I am just starting!!!!!! What plans I ask myself does God have for me now. I do know that I’m going to enjoy the ride. Fear, doubt, and frustration no longer live in me. Love resides in my vessel. I am no longer hibernating. I am awake and I thank you God again for the lessons learned.

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