CURRENCY TRADERS Vreal VR broadcasting  Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) was among the backers in a $11.7M Series A round for VR broadcasting platform startup
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Vreal VR broadcasting platform startup Venture capital

Vreal VR broadcasting platform startup Venture capital

CURRENCY TRADERS Vreal VR broadcasting  Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) was among the backers in a $11.7M Series A round for VR broadcasting platform startup Vreal. The round was led by Axioma Ventures joined by Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund and existing investors. Total funding in Vreal now totals $15M.

Vreal lets users record or live stream a virtual reality experience. The recording includes the VR environment and player movements, interactions, and voices. Voice chat with live viewers will come at a later date. The service is currently in a closed testing phase with hopes of wider testing this summer.

CURRENCY TRADERS Vreal VR broadcasting  Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) was among the backers in a $11.7M Series A round for VR broadcasting platform startup

Vreal VR broadcasting

  • Native VR – Share your VR experiences in VR
  • VR Replay – Record and revisit past experiences
  • VR Simulcast – Create multi-hosted experiences in VR
  • 2D – Set up cameras to broadcast to 2D platforms
  • 360 Video – Record streams in 360 degrees
  • Mixed Reality – Simplify and enhance your MR capture

broadcasting platform

Do you want to be in the VREAL alpha?

FYI: VREAL is officially on the hunt for Alpha testers! If you own an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive and want to be considered as an alpha tester in our upcoming closed alpha tests, fill out this Google form here.

We have more news on the horizon, and you can stay up to date by following us on Twitter (@VREALofficial) or by joining our VR content creator channel on Discord.

We have some big news to share; hold on to your pants and get ready to happy dance! Vreal just raised $11.7 million in Series A funding! For a more detailed look at what this means and who our investors are, take a peek at the official press release we sent out this morning.

Please welcome Chet & Chris to the board!

In addition to the funding news, we’re welcoming two new people to the Vreal board of directors: Chet Faliszek and Chris M. Williams.

You might know Chet – he worked at this company called Valve and was instrumental in the launch of SteamVR, so that’s kind of neat. 🙂 What you might not know is that Chet gave Todd Hooper (Vreal’s founder and CEO) his first VR demo on the Vive. Todd left that meeting wanting to create a VR company, and the idea for Vreal formed shortly after that. So thank you, Chet, and welcome aboard (pun completely intended).


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