AUDUSD insight technical analysis for November 14, 2017

AUDUSD insight technical analysis for November 14, 2017

CURRENCY TRADERS Currency pair Australian Dollar to US Dollar AUD/USD continues to move into the fall. At the moment, we should expect a test of the level of 0.7650 and the continuation of the fall with a target below the level of 0.7550. In favor of the fall of the pair AUD/USD will perform a downward trend test on the indicator of relative strength index (RSI).

AUDUSD insight technical analysis for November 14, 2017

The cancellation of the drop in the Australian Dollar quotations will result in a strong growth and breakdown at the level of 0.7730, which will indicate the outflow of the quotes out of the downward channel and the continued growth of AUD/USD on Forex. Expect to accelerate the fall of the pair is with the breakdown of the lower boundary of the model «Triangle» and closing below 0.7600.

CURRENCY TRADERS Currency pair Australian Dollar to US Dollar AUD/USD continues to move into the fall. At the moment

AUDUSD insight

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assumes a test of the level of 0.7650, from where it is expected to continue the fall of AUD/USD with a target below 0.7550, an additional signal in favor of the drop will be a resistance line test on the indicator of relative strength index (RSI), falling AUD/USD will be a breakdown at the level of 0.7720, it will indicate the outflow of quotes outside the «Triangle» model.

DatePriceOpenHighLowChange %
Nov 12, 20170.76470.76510.76550.7646-0.20
Nov 10, 20170.76620.76780.76950.7652-0.22
Nov 09, 20170.76790.76770.76940.76470.01
Nov 08, 20170.76780.76440.76870.76390.43
Nov 07, 20170.76450.76900.77020.7625-0.61
Nov 06, 20170.76920.76510.76930.76380.54
Nov 03, 20170.76510.77130.77180.7637-0.80
Nov 02, 20170.77130.76750.77300.76710.48
Nov 01, 20170.76760.76570.76960.76460.25
Oct 31, 20170.76570.76890.77000.7639-0.40
Oct 30, 20170.76880.76620.76920.76540.12
Oct 27, 20170.76790.76610.76820.76240.23
Oct 26, 20170.76610.77040.77190.7654-0.56
Oct 25, 20170.77040.77760.77850.7688-0.93
Oct 24, 20170.77760.78070.78250.7769-0.38
Oct 23, 20170.78060.78090.78350.7794-0.17
Oct 20, 20170.78190.78760.78830.7806-0.77
Oct 19, 20170.78800.78460.78840.78390.43
Oct 18, 20170.78460.78470.78590.78180.01
Oct 17, 20170.78450.78530.78630.7817-0.08
Oct 16, 20170.78510.78750.78900.7841-0.48
Oct 13, 20170.78890.78200.78980.78160.86
Highest:0.7898Lowest:0.7624Difference:0.0274Average:0.7734Change %:-2.2373

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