SHOP Stock: Why Shopify Inc Could Skyrocket in 2017

SHOP Stock: Why Shopify Inc Could Skyrocket in 2017

  • Buz Investors Shopify Inc Could Skyrocket If your forehead scrunched up in confusion at the name Shopify Inc (NYSE:SHOP), do not be alarmed. Most U.S. investors are completely oblivious to this e-commerce star for one simple reason: it is based in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Barring this one oddity, SHOP stock is simply phenomenal. It averaged revenue growth of 105.3% over the last three full-year periods.
  • Not only does that kind of growth put Shopify in the upper echelon of tech stocks, but it makes this company an undiscovered gem. (Source: “Shopify Announces Second-Quarter 2016 Financial Results,” Shopify Inc, August 3, 2016.)

Shopify Inc Could Skyrocket

SHOP Stock: Why Shopify Inc Could Skyrocket in 2017

Shopify Inc Could Skyrocket Moreover, SHOP stock is one of my favorite “Digital Fortress Stocks.”

Just to recap: “Digital Fortress Stocks” are tech companies with a strong position in a young market. Shopify fits the bill perfectly, considering how the economy is tilting toward freelancers and entrepreneurs. There are no more lifetime positions at big companies, no job security, and certainly no employee loyalty.

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Shopify Inc Could Skyrocket

Think about it: brick-and-mortar shops have “physical storefronts.” Anyone walking down 34th Street in New York City can stumble across Macy’s flagship department store in Herald Square. They can see some of the products in the window, and maybe they’ll even go inside. That’s why real estate agents are constantly saying, “Location! Location! Location!”

It pools together all the places that companies can sell their wares, leaving them with a real-time understanding of how their business is doing. This helps companies maximize the chances of someone stumbling onto their “digital storefronts,” regardless of whether they came through social media or a Google search. The business owners just open their Shopify accounts and all their data is displayed neatly in one place.

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