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The Buz On Tesla Motors Today

Tesla Motors The U.S. electric car market includes the established automakers such as Ford (F) and Chevrolet (GM). But one company stands out from the car maker mix, and that is Tesla Motors (TSLA). Tesla entered the media spotlight in 2013 along with its CEO Elon Musk when it unleashed its flagship car the Model S

Tesla’s release has been a hit with not only car buyers, but also catapulted the company into the spotlight as one of the few successful independent automakers along with being a pioneer when it comes to the electric car market.

The Model S, a sleek luxury sedan that starts at $69,000, has received top ratings from the trade industry and the press. Car & Driver has given the car five stars, and when the Model S first came out in 2013 Tesla made headlines when trade press gave it laurels. The electric plug-in car received a near perfect score of 99 out of 100 from Consumer Reports, which also named it as “the best car ever tested.” (For more, see: The Economics Of Owning A Tesla Car.)

By September 2014 the car hit all-time sales records in the U.S. with 2,500 sold, and in Q1 2015 sales reached a new high at 10,030. It is now considered a staple within the electric car stratosphere. The company’s market capitalization, as of May 24, 2015 was $31.3 billion.

The Tesla Model 3 Can’t Justify Tesla Stock Price Tesla Cash Flow (NASDAQ:TSLA) closed the second quarter of 2017 with adjusted revenues of $2.79 billion. That’s up some 135.1% from the previous year. At first glance, such results look great. At second and third glance, after a soothing glass of port, not so much. Tesla “Model 3” news notwithstanding,
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Tesla sells $1.8B of bonds at 5.3% yield in upsized offering Tesla sells $1.8B of bonds(NASDAQ:TSLA) says it raised $1.8B, $300M more than expected, at a 5.3% yield in its first traditional bond offering, marking a vote of confidencein the company and another sign of investors’ appetite for corporate debt at a time when government bonds provide
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First Tesla Inc (TSLA) Semi Truck Details Emerge Tesla Semi Truck Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is inching closer to a prototype of an advanced electric-powered semi truck, and is in talks with state motor vehicle agencies to begin testing soon. According to correspondence uncovered by Reuters, Tesla is developing a long hauly electric semi truck that’s self-driving and
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TESLA BATTERY EXPERT’S DEPARTURE COULD FUEL OUTPUT JITTERS The reported departure of (NASDAQ:Tesla’s) director of battery technology could fuel jitters about the company’s production challenges. Bloomberg reported the battery expert Kurt Kelty resigned after 11 years at the company. A former long-serving (Panasonic:6752) employee, Kelty was credited with a key role in the setting up
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Is It the Right Time for the Tesla Pickup Truck?  FOREX INVESTORS BUZZ  Tesla Heavy-Duty Semi Truck  Tesla is probably the most polarizing—and exciting, depending on who you ask—company in the world today. Rarely does a day pass without the company grabbing a headline or two and setting off far-flung discussions that touch on energy,
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