Digital Currency for Social Media, FreedomCoin  Denver-based digital solutions platform FreedomCoin Exchange

Digital Currency for Social Media, FreedomCoin™ Exchange and Minutemen Reserve (MMR) Announces ICO on June 29, 2017

Digital startup Freedom Currency offers Minutemen Reserve (MMR), the currency of its platform to investors during the ICO, starting June 29, 2017.

Digital Currency for Social Media, FreedomCoin  Denver-based digital solutions platform FreedomCoin Exchange

BUZ INVESTORS  PRESS RELEASE  Digital Currency for Social Media, FreedomCoin  Denver-based digital solutions platform FreedomCoin Exchange has announced the launch of the Minutemen Reserve (MMR) ICO. The FreedomCoin Exchange crowdsale of Minutemen Reserve starts on June 29, 2017, offering an opportunity for freedom lovers and investors to participate in an aspect of the worldwide Liberty Movement. Minutemen Reserve (MMR) is a featured currency that will fuel the company’s multifaceted social media and content sharing platform — Users will be able to purchase and/or earn the cryptocurrency through various activities on the platform, which can be used to buy goods and services on with Minutemen Reserve (MMR) which will be utilized as money from day one.

The company’s platform offers users an alternative to other social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. However, unlike these popular social media platforms, has its own monetized infrastructure that enables people to earn Minutemen.

The team has already created a couple of products, of which FreedomTube is one. It is a YouTube-like video sharing platform integrated with The video platform allows content creators to post videos and earn Minutemen. The online marketplace, FreedomMarket shares similarities with the popular Craigslist where buyers and sellers can interact with each other and conduct transactions using Minutemen Reserve (MMR) currency.

Digital Currency for Social Media, FreedomCoin


With more than one way to earn Minutemen, the platform incentivizes people to be active on the social media by posting and interacting with other posts, videos, and people on it. The community earns Minutemen by posting, liking, sharing and referring others to the platform. And finally, Minutemen Reserve (MMR) can be bought over the platform by credit card or by exchanging Bitcoin. is also a platform for independent media and offers free IPTV for media broadcast from satellite, IP camera, PC, DVR or smartphone. The platform also supports free WebRTC to facilitate live interviews combined with screen sharing. The company has partnered with several major YouTube channels and is currently in the process of partnering with hundreds of independent media outlets that are affected by other social media censorship policies. YouTube channels that are being censored and had their revenues destroyed can now earn revenue from a cryptocurrency that is also utilized as money from day one.

The CEO of Freedom Currency Inc., Kent Lewiss describing the platform said,

“Independent media now has a platform to report the truth on what is occurring worldwide and provide a platform to for people worldwide to be free from corporate media propaganda. Qualified independent media outlets can take advantage of the free video conferencing combined with screen sharing to conduct live interviews, then save and post as a video as well as distribute in multiple social media platforms.”

Offering an insight into the upcoming developments, Lewiss adds,

“We are also in the process or rolling out our FreedomMerchant API in which businesses worldwide can plug into their websites and utilize our payment gateway.” offers a unique opportunity for the people to be part of a platform that befits the definition of a free world while supporting free speech and unhindered access to truthful information. The creators of have made it easier for everyone to participate in the ICO by enabling Visa and MasterCard payments to purchase Minutemen Reserve (MMR). Once the ICO is underway, investors will be able to register themselves on the platform and buy the first 1 million Minutemen at a unit price of $0.25, the platform will release the second batch of 1,000,000 Minutemen priced at $0.35, third batch of 1,000,000 Minutemen at $0.45 and the final batch of Minutemen at $0.55 per unit.

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BUZ INVESTORS Facebook vs Snap (NASDAQ:FB) has done it again! On the first day of F8—the company’s annual developer conference—Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a new augmented reality platform and the company announced new products,

Facebook vs Snap: The Social Media Players Battling on This Technology

FB Stock to Gain in This Facebook vs Snap Battle

BUZ INVESTORS Facebook vs Snap <span data-recalc-dims=(NASDAQ:FB) has done it again! On the first day of F8—the company’s annual developer conference—Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a new augmented reality platform and the company announced new products," width="300" height="200" srcset=" 300w, 720w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

BUZ INVESTORS  Facebook vs Snap  (NASDAQ:FB) has done it again! On the first day of F8—the company’s annual developer conference—Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a new augmented reality platform and the company announced new products, which clearly showed how the social networking  giant will continue to be the leader in the coming years. Facebook stock closed at $140.96 on Tuesday and is poised to go higher.

Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) also was not far behind in showcasing its AR efforts on Tuesday. The company introduced new “World Lenses,” which was another way to use its “Lenses.” Snap stock also jumped about three percent on Tuesday to close at $20.55. However, the market clearly sees more potential in Facebook’s AR/VR products and this is likely to hit Snap shares. (Source: “Introducing New World Lenses,” YouTube, April 18, 2017.)

 Facebook vs Snap

Zuckerberg was rattled by the growing popularity of “Snapchat,” the app that heavily used augmented reality to create new experiences for its users. He not only copied most of the features of Snapchat for Facebook products, but also made “Instagram,” another copy of Snapchat. However, the company made use of these features better than Snap, and today, its photo-sharing app boasts of more subscribers and higher growth.

Facebook vs Snap: The Battle for AR Dominance

Facebook had bought the maker of VR headsets, Oculus VR, about three years back for about $2.0 billion because Zuckerberg believed virtual reality to be the next computing platform and a high potential area for Facebook. It could be used not just for gaming, but also experiencing live events, being in a consultation with a doctor, and many more such experiences, if users could just wear these headsets in the comfort of their homes.

FB stock investors are excited by the prospects of this vision. But Snap is also not likely to give up its hold on the AR/VR market that is likely to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years.

It was reported last December that Snap has acquired Cimagine Media, an AR firm that specializes in computer vision, real-time image processing, international marketing etc. But the most important fact is that it aims to help retailers benefit from the potential of AR technology. This augmented commerce feature may result in Snapchat becoming a popular platform for shopping for the users. (Source: “Snap reportedly acquired augmented reality startup Cimagine Media for up to $40 million,” VentureBeat, December 24, 2016.)

Facebook vs Snap: The Battle for Ad Dollars Would Be Tough for Snap Stock

Given the fact that Facebook has about two billion users and together with Google parent Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), commands more than 50% of the digital advertising market, Snap Inc would always be third in line for a long time to come.Like up on FACEBOOK

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BUZ INVESTORS MSRT Launches New Features January 11, 2017 /Online Media Covers MassRoots, Inc. (OTCQB:MSRT) MassRoots Inc., one of the leading technology platforms for the cannabis industry

$MSRT Launches New Features to Its Industry-Leading Social Networking Platform

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MassRoots Launches New Features to Its Industry-Leading Social Networking Platform

Update to Its iOS Mobile Application Makes It Easier for Customers to Locate Marijuana Dispensaries

BUZ INVESTORS MSRT Launches New Features Online Media Covers MassRoots, Inc. (OTCQB:MSRT) MassRoots Inc., one of the leading technology platforms for the cannabis industry, recently announced that the Company has launched an update to iOS mobile application, which is available through the Apple App Store. The new features, focused on improving compliance, are expected to rapidly accelerate the growth of the Company’s industry leading cannabis-focused social networking site.


MSRT Launches New Features

The platform, which is often called the “Yelp for weed,” has recently seen a significant increase in traffic and has become the “go-to” place for an increasing number of cannabis consumers, growers, and dispensaries looking to connect. This first major announcement in the new year comes on the heels of several major announcements to close out a very successful 2016, including MassRoots’ first international partnership in an agreement with Aphria Inc. (TSX-V:APH) one of the leading Canadian licensed producers of medical cannabis. Other milestones include the addition of 100 cannabis dispensary locations to the Company’s unique, user-friendly dispensary finder on its industry leading technology platform as well as the addition of experienced key players to its Board of Directors.

In addition, MassRoots achieved significant growth in 2016 with 3Q16 results showing a revenue of $794,621 in the first three quarters of 2016, well ahead of $63,982 in the comparable year-ago period. The Company is just beginning to monetize its user base, and expects to see accelerated revenue growth in 2017. Enhancing the user experience of its platform by continuing to add key features will be critical component of the Company’s growth strategy.

The New Features to MassRoots’ Popular Platform Include:

  • Geo-targeted native advertisements in MassRoots’ local buds and global feeds, enabling businesses to target advertisements to cannabis consumers in their local area.
  • In depth strain and product pages with high quality photos and descriptions, enabling users to learn about their favorite strains and products and see what fellow enthusiasts have to say about them.
  • Revamped reporting and content screening mechanisms, in addition to an enhanced geo-fence, to ensure MassRoots remains in compliance with state cannabis regulations and the Cole Memorandum.

In a previous press release, CEO Isaac Dietrich commented:

“Management believes that this update offers cannabis consumers the easiest way to find the best products at their local dispensary,” stated MassRoots CEO, Mr. Isaac Dietrich. “The Company prides itself on our ability to leverage new technology in order to better serve the regulated cannabis industry. We look forward to continuing to introduce new features to our mobile applications to increase user engagement and drive revenue growth.”

Legal Disclaimer: Online Media Group, Inc. is not registered with any financial or securities regulatory authority and does not provide, nor claims to provide, investment advice or recommendations to readers of this release to buy, sell or hold any securities. Investing intrinsically involves substantial risk and readers are reminded to consult an investment professional and complete their own due diligence, including SEC filings, when researching any companies mentioned in this release. This release is based upon publicly available information and, while vetted, is not considered to be all-inclusive or guaranteed to be free from errors. With respect to Section 17(B) of the Securities Act of 1933 and in the interest of full disclosure, we call the reader’s attention to the fact that Financial Press Media Group, Inc. may have received compensation from the companies mentioned in this release.


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FX Copy reaches 2,550 Social Trading members after only two months of release

FX Copy reaches 2,550 Social Trading members after only two months of release

FX Copy, the free Forex Social trading network, released in mid-September, 2012, has reached over 2,550 Social Trading members with numbers climbing steadily.


Social Trading members    FX Copy, the free Forex Social trading network, released in mid-September, 2012, has reached over 2,550 Social Trading members with numbers climbing steadily. The innovative FX Copy platform is a dynamic social trading community where traders can meet, interact, and share with other traders. Members have linked up their trading profiles to their MT4 accounts provided by FX Copy registered partners Enfinium, Vantage FX and GO Markets.

FX Copy is a great tool for both trading beginners and also, the more advanced trader. FX Copy provides valuable insight into top performing trader’s activities in the Forex market.  Traders have the power to watch and engage directly with other top traders. With access to real-time and historical trade activity, trading members can successfully track, monitor and even, directly copy trades of profitable traders on a user-friendly platform.

“Not only is there the social aspect to FX Copy, what is also impressive is the ability to have at your hand market overviews, personal trading stats and analysis” said Antony Goddard, Managing Director of Vantage FX. “Traders have responded with personal feedback about the ease-of-use and how it has added a new dimension to their trading.”

FX Copy has also announced the winner of their Foundation Members competition, Neil Sheldon, being one of the early joining members to experience the benefits of social trading. Winner of the Apple iPad, Neil has said “I’ve been watching and learning a lot recently. I think FX Copy will help me with my trading as I can learn from what the good traders do.”

Already, notable members have started to appear, including trader ‘Krill’ who, at the time of writing, is sitting on an all-time return of 704% profit with 225 members following his profile. Members have the option to learn and follow traders like ‘Krill’ and many other top performers. Members can completely customise their user experience to find traders who match their desired trading style using a series of filters and analytical tools available for use across the array of individual trading profiles.


FX Copy is completely free and available to anyone to join. To learn more and register, see

About FX Copy

FX Copy is a completely free, new Forex Social trading network, where traders can follow and copy trades of top performing Forex traders. FX Copy is a development and trading brand of Enfinium Pty Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the AFSL 322081. Enfinium clients benefit from direct market access to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds on over 80 market destinations worldwide, best price execution, ultra-low trading commission, live streaming quotes, low option margin, high interest earned and low financing costs.

Forex Traders Yielding Impressive Returns Thanks to a New Social Network

Forex Traders Yielding Impressive Returns Thanks to a New Social Network

Forex Traders Yielding Impressive Returns Thanks to a New Social Network

Carly DavisThe author is a boutique hedge fund manager overseeing $21 million in assets, work in co-operation with Trade-24 and is a regular contributor to various financial media outlets.

A new social trading platform has been taken over by an anonymous investor calling himself Superman704, making his followers incredible profits.

New Social Network Buz Traders Trade Better and Wiser with Social Trading  Copy the top winners in the markets

Forex Traders Yielding Impressive Returns Thanks to a New Social Network

Sipping on a half-finished Heineken while flipping through Facebook on his laptop, Leeds native Trent Crowdley’s money is multiplying by the second. It’s all thanks to a new social network that allows investors to copy the trades of highly successful financial analysts with no broker or middleman fees. Social trading lets users literally copy the trades of some of the best Forex traders out there.

“When I tell people that I trade for a living, they assume that I actually understand financial markets,” he jokes. “But the truth is, I just deposit the money and let someone else much smarter than me make all the trading decisions (and money) for me.”

Like many other profit seekers worldwide, Trent joined this fast-growing crowd of worldwide profit seekers on Trade 24’s Buz Investors  social trading network. Thanks to social trading, members of this social network are earning an extra income without even working an extra hour. This money-making potential has taken the internet by storm, but despite its raving success, it has some brokers on Wall Street quite concerned.

The Suits are Worried

“The problem with social trading is that you don’t know who is on the other side trading for you so it’s hard to know if he will actually make you money or not,” claims Greg Halsrom, a junior broker at a well-known investment firm in downtown Manhattan.

But Trent disagrees. Pointing to the list of investors to choose from, he points out how each social network publicly displays each trader’s success as the track record of every investor, which is clearly displayed on the network for all to see.

Pointing to one investor going by the alias ‘Superman704’, Crowdley notes, “This guy has a 96% success rate so I will latch onto his trades.” Trent clicks on Superman704’s impressive 3-year trade history which involves generating some remarkable returns including a minimum risk level of 2.59/10 and a profit/loss ratio value of +69.49% to boot.

The Proof is in the Profits

Despite the fact that the mystery trader doesn’t reveal his real name, the proof is in the profits. “He just makes me money. It doesn’t get any more transparent than that,” Trent quips. With just two clicks, Trent has entrusted a complete stranger to manage his initial £500 investment. He then exits out of the page to browse Facebook, YouTube and the Daily Mail for about fifteen minutes. Upon returning to the Online Exchange, Trent discovers that ‘Superman704’ made him 80 pounds in pure profit. “Who else do you know makes 80 Quid in just 15 minutes?” Crowdley asks with a stride of beaming confidence. “And just for clicking on the mouse twice no less!”

Buz Investors Copy The Winning Strategies

Round-the-Clock Opportunities

Since the social network is based on a Forex platform, trades are placed roughly every 15 minutes in a 24 hour span. This means that the investor Crowdley selected (Superman704) gives him roughly 96 opportunities a day to make (or not make) money.

Another reason this trading social network is pushing Wall Street brokers into an abyss of irrelevance is it’s wild success. Since Trent started using this system to trade online, he has been able to quit his day job and make a decent living from home. Another interesting advantage to social trading is that it runs on the online exchange directly which means that there are no broker or middleman fees.

No background in finance needed

“I barely graduated high school by the skin of my teeth,” he recalls. “If you would have told me one year ago that I’d be trading full time online, I would have recommended putting you in a mental institution. I was horrible at math in school and the very idea of trading in the Stock Market scared the wits out of me.”

One day, Crowdley was down on his luck and sick and tired of waiting tables at a local pub in his Seacroft neighborhood. It was then that he saw an ad online for Trade 24’s Social Trading Network. The platform offers a simple means of trading in financial markets from virtually anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

So Whats the Catch?

Obviously, the broker providing the social trading network has to make money too. That’s why when Crowdley (or any other member of the copy Trading network for that matter) trades, they pay the same type of broker fees required by any other large online trading platforms that do not provide a social trading network.


Many on Wall Street are skeptical of this new online trading method with some claiming that those who have never traded before could be at a real disadvantage as they don’t fully understand financial markets.

“Nonsense!” exclaims Crowdley, “I’m the last person who should be trading and I’ve made an excellent salary doing it from home…in my PJs.” He concludes with a few words of wisdom “if I can do it, trust me-anyone can do it”.

Register to the Social Trading Platform and copy the best investors online!

Trade-24, emerged as a broker on forex market and CFD in April 2007 in Switzerland. Since its inception, the company has identified the top priority honesty and transparency in cooperation with its customers.

Trade-24 offers customers access to a commodity, stock and currency markets. Among the variety of trading instruments Trade-24, forex traders can find not only the currency pairs and SPOT – metals but also a lot of tools commodity and stock markets such as sugar, animal meat, corn, oil, aluminum, shares of Boeing etc.

'Banking black' becomes the latest form of social protest

‘Banking black’ becomes the latest form of social protest

‘Banking black’ becomes the latest form of social protest

Bnaking News

  • For some, the fight for social equality is moving to a new battleground: the banking sector.
  • In the midst of a national debate about how to address police brutality and economic inequality, a quiet shift has taken place. Participants in a nationwide movement to deploy African-American spending power in a more targeted fashion have funneled deposits into black-owned banks across the country.
  • Dubbed the “Bank Black” campaign, proponents have called for using black wealth to create positive change in an increasingly fractured society.

According to FDIC data, with black-owned banks holding approximately $4.7 billion in assets.

'Banking black' becomes the latest form of social protest

Protests have been circulating through text messages and social media calling for the boycotting of many large companies and urging the Black community to “buy Black.” With the help of celebrities like Atlanta rapper Killer Mike, over 8,000 people have transferred at least $100 into Citizen’s Trust bank alone. That is over $800,000 dollars transferred into one Black owned bank in the last five days.

Boycotting began as a method to bring awareness to the importance of Black lives across the world. Following Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s 1968 speech, “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop”, the idea behind the boycotting of non-Black owned businesses and banks are to show that Black money is essential to the economy. According to the Nielsen Company, more than $160 million were spent on products alone by the Black community. It also reports that national advertisers spend over two billion dollars in marketing geared toward Blacks.

Black Enterprise recorded the Black community spent $1.1 trillion dollars alone last year. Their buying power is essential and projected to reach $1.3 trillion dollars by 2017.

Forex Social Platforms

Forex Social Platforms Social Trading Presence

Forex Social Platforms

Forex Social Platforms

If you have spent any time on the worldwide Web over the past year, you have surely heard the words “social media”, “Facebook”, and “Twitter” spoken in one context or another. Social media is a hot trend that is taking the marketing and PR worlds by storm.

Forex is also a topic getting a lot of traction lately especially in light of the recent recession. You would think that this growing industry would make use of the various tools at its disposal, yet somehow a Forex social presence is not as strong as it should be. With the introduction of some new Forex communities such as Currensee and OpenBook, this might change in the near future.

Old Spice Campaign

o name one example that is hot out of the oven, Old Spice, a well established deodorant and perfume company, ran a wildly successful social media campaign last week. We have not seen the raw data of sales and how their millions of page views boosted sales numbers, but one thing is for sure. Old Spice made use of the social platforms like no company has done before. They utilized the power of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and others to raise awareness of their brand by providing real time, highly entertaining, and personalized video responses to all the questions they were sent on the various social networks. Marketers around the globe are still talking about this campaign and will continue to do so well into the future. It is considered to be the new standard of social media marketing.

Forex Trading

To shift your focus to an entirely different world for a second, just like social media is taking the Web and marketing worlds by storm, Forex is taking the financial world by typhoon. The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market by leaps and bounds, but that is not its only unique advantage.

As opposed to many financial markets, nothing is stopping a person from become a Forex trader overnight. Of course it is not recommended to take up trading Forex without studying the market, but in theory, if someone were so inclined, nothing would stand in their way.

Forex Social Presence or Lack Thereof

When it comes to combining the above two fields, Forex and Social Media, that is when things start to get messy. If one were to search Twitter for the word Forex for example, you would find hundreds if not thousands of tweets being posted by spam accounts. These accounts are generally bots who do not have human beings behind the tweets. This is of course pointless and completely misses the whole concept of social media marketing, which is mainly based on the idea of online communication and dialog.

Now that we have established that Forex players have not yet figured out how to maximize the potential of the social Web to promote their products, the question is who suffers from this lack of understanding? The real answer is that everyone involved suffers. The company trying to promote themselves via a bot account will see close to no results. The online community as a whole suffers due to the proliferation of online spam whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, Email, or other tools being utilized by these Forex companies.

However, the biggest loser in this is the trader. Traders are genuinely seeking a solution to integrating a Forex social layer into their trading and with the lack of a real Forex presence on social media, they are being met with a brick wall. Fortunately, in the past few years, several quality platforms have been developed to help achieve this specific goal. Though the first social Forex trading platforms that were developed are no longer active, they certainly paved the way for the plethora of offerings we have today, and their contribution to the industry is worth learning about.



Currensee was the first full fledged social network for Forex traders. The currensee community idea is that Forex traders should be able to communicate with other traders in real time, view their trades, and learn from each others’ strategies. Currensee built a robust and advanced platform enabling traders to be a part of a very large and widespread Forex community. The Currensee Forex community actually reached an important and ground breaking milestone recently of its one millionth trade and over $30 billion traded.

Currensee was sold to leading Forex broker OANDA in 2013 and was subsequently closed in 2014, but its novel ideas and solid social trading platform have forever changed the trading world.


eToro was the first Forex broker to open a trading platform that was entirely based upon social trading strategies. Since its launch, the company has become well known for its advanced and user friendly interface as well as the company’s ability to truly think out of the box. To say that eToro did not disappoint with their newest product would be an understatement.

eToro’s first platform, Open Book did have a lot in common with Currensee; mainly that they both brought the Forex social element to your Forex trading. Nevertheless, the platforms had many differences and eToro managed to add some great unique Forex social features to Open Book.

To just name a few, in order to benefit from the global Open Book Forex community, you did not have to register or sign in to the service, just go to Openbook, follow people, and see what other traders are doing.

The eToro Open Book platform was recently replaced with a new platform, eToro CopyTrader, which is poised to add great value and interest to the social Forex trading industry. As a regulated broker that services hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide, eToro’s CopyTrader is a great place for traders to get their feet wet and to try out this unique form of trading.

The world of social Forex trading has advanced significantly since 2010, thanks to companies like Currensee and Etoro. Traders now have dozens of respectable Forex communities they can be a part of and benefit from, when it comes to learning the ropes of Forex trading.

To get started in the world of social Forex trading, check out some of today’s top social platforms, eToro’s CopyTrader and Tradeo.

The Many Types and Styles Of Social Trading

The Many Types and Styles Of Social Trading

The Many Types and Styles Of Social Trading

The Many Types and Styles Of Social Trading

 BUZ Social Investors with Forex or binary options is the practice of copying the trades of other traders that you’ve found through an online social trading community. You can also use the trading community as your own personal support system and as a place to get ideas and discuss your own strategies. With social Forex trading, there are many different ways to communicate with other traders, including forums, profiles, blogs, signal services, brokers and specific platforms that provide copying abilities. All these forms of social communication help traders of all levels interact with each other and improve their trading strategies.

Social Forex trading offers a unique advantage for new or nervous traders – it allows them to follow others and to ‘hold hands’ with a more experienced trader during the trading process. Social trading also offers distinct advantages for more experienced traders, as it allows them to become trade leaders and to profit by recruiting more and more followers. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, it’s a good idea to understand the different social offerings available so that you can find a comfortable place in this new and exciting world.


If you are just starting out in social trading, look for signals and tips to show you the way. These can come from simple sources such as a trader sentiment indicator posted on broker’s site or they can emanate from very sophisticated computer generated systems. You won’t encounter any sort of interaction from this type of social trading and you may not fully understand what you’re seeing because you can’t ask the trade leader. But, with signals or tips you will get the direct market position to follow if you so desire.

Copy Trading

Copy trading is just that—it is the act of copying the trades of other traders. There are copy trading platforms that allow you to copy another trader and echo his success. You choose a trader from the leader board where every trade that person makes is posted and this is entered into your account. Restrictive controls monitor your account so you aren’t following someone blindly but the total responsibility is on you. Copying is an easy way to trade without the worry of making your own choices because all you have to do is select the trader that looks the best to you and copy it.

Forums and profiles


Forums and profiles are very important for you if you want to become a serious social trader and they can be the fun part of social trading. Forums allow you to talk to other traders while profiles help you get to know who they are. The best platforms will provide full profiles with biographical information, details about trading style as well as a tally of open and closed trades.

Most brokers offer forums for account holders and oftentimes, you can enter the discussion rooms of more public forums. A good forum will have hundreds if not thousands of active users and you can join the threads of your choice such as those dedicated to strategy, tools, tips and forecasts as well as many others.


Technically speaking, auto bot trading isn’t really social trading, as it eliminates the social aspect of the trade. Auto-bots are robots that are set to execute trades when a certain strategy or pattern is triggered. While social trading requires human traders to execute the trades, auto trading does not require human monitoring at all. The system generates a signal and then automatically executes it into your account. There are some pretty basic auto systems but there are also some fairly advanced versions that can interface with your computer and account seamlessly. The advantage of auto-bots is that you don’t have to worry about human error. The disadvantage, of course, is that you lose the human monitoring, so that trades are executed even when the lead trader (or programmer) may have wanted to override the suggestion.

When choosing a social trading platform, always look for one with strict account controls. These may include the amount you make on each trade, the total amount of loss allowed for each followed trader, the amount of time you follow the trader and which assets you will follow. As with any platform, the amount of control will vary from broker to broker and platform to platform but the more controls available, the better you will be able to manage your money and this is the most important aspect of trading for both beginners and experienced traders.

InvestorsBuz Leading the Way Top Social Trading Investment Networks

InvestorsBuz Leading the Way Top Social Trading Investment Networks

InvestorsBuz Leading the Way Top Social Trading Investment Networks

What is social trading? Social Trading Investment Networks

InvestorsBuz Leading the Way Top Social Trading Investment Networks

Traditionally, successful traders have been highly secretive about their position and their trading strategies; so much so that rival traders are disadvantaged. However, social trading has turned this concept on its head and social trading networks now allow traders on the network to see how real time positions open. This gives users the flexibility to copy a particular trade or to copy all trades opened by a particular trader that we are following. We are very confident that social trading will continue to be popular 10 years down the road and even beyond.

Typically, successful traders sharing their positions are rewarded with a share of the revenue from trades placed by their followers and anecdotal evidence suggests; that they could be earning as much as $ 20,000 monthly from these revenue sharing arrangements. In a nutshell, social trading may be described as the meeting point of forex trading and social networks.
The world underwent a financial crisis in 2007-2008, which changed many aspects of people’s investments. In fact, many people remain sceptical about making investments. Social trading is one platform that has grown popular among many people all over the world, owing to the flexibility that it presents. Over time, social trading platforms have improved their software capabilities to support many aspects of financial markets’ trading over the internet so much so, making it one of the most preferred ways of investing in financial markets.

Do you find investing in financial markets too complicated to the extent that it scares you away? Are the returns that people all over the world make and enjoy from this trade irresistible to you? Social trading is one of the many tools that has come to employ and cherish in its quest for achieving globalization in the financial markets. Now more than ever, many people have found their way into financial markets in its bid to build their wealth and so should you.