Buz Investors Chinese producer price index climbed Primarily reflecting a jump in energy prices, the Labor Department released a report on Tuesday showing that U.S. producer prices rose by more than expected in the month of January.
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Eurozone Producer Prices Slow More Than Expected

Eurozone Producer Prices Slow More Than Expected CURRENCY TRADERS Euro Area Producer Prices Industrial manufacturer prices inside the euro region elevated by way of 0.2 percent month-over-month in December 2017, down from a 0.6 percent upward thrust in November. The reading overlooked marketplace expectancies of 0.Three percent as energy inflation eased to 0.1 percent from 2.3 percentage […]

In a message seemingly tailored to the Trump Administration’s focus on U.S. paramountcy, Mr. Girling also said the $8-billion (U.S.) pipeline project will strengthen U.S. energy security, support tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs, and contribute approximately $3.4-billion to U.S. GDP. He noted that TransCanada employees live in 38 U.S. states where the Calgary-based firm operates, and the company is committed to working productively with stakeholders and tribal leaders. “The project is an important new piece of modern U.S. infrastructure that secures access to an abundant energy resource produced by a neighbour that shares a commitment to a clean and healthy environment,” Mr. Girling said. On Wednesday, Mr. Girling told an audience at the CIBC Whistler Institutional Investor Conference that the company has only just re-engaged with potential shippers to see if they’re still interested in committing to the project. Keystone XL was first envisioned in 2008, a time when crude oil prices topped $100 (U.S.) a barrel, and before Canadian oil producers faced intense competition from U.S. shale.
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Canada Producer Prices Change in November

Canada Producer Prices Change in November Product Price Index IPPI rose 2.7 percent following a 1.7 percent gain in October higher prices for energy and petroleum products Canada Producer Prices  – In addition, cost advanced for primary non-ferrous metal product INSIGHT Canada Producer Prices The Industrial Product Price Index IPPI rose 2.7 percent over the […]