WePower Launches Blockchain-Powered Green Energy Platform and Announces Registration for Fundraiser

Blockchain Press Release: Green energy exchange blockchain platform WePower announces registration for the company’s fundraiser in the lead up to its official launch. CURRENCY TRADERS  Blockchain-Powered Green Energy Platform PRESS RELEASE The Gibraltar-based green energy exchange platform WePower has announced it will accept registrations for the fundraiser as the company prepares for its official launch. The WePower pre-launch fundraiser is structured
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Groundbreaking Crypto Start-up, Internet of Coins, Launches Fundraiser on OpenLedger DC Buz Investors Internet of Coins Internet of Coins  will launch their fundraiser on the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate (DC) on March 21st 2017, in celebration of the first day of spring. Until the launch, investors can join the early bird offer and receive a 5%
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