SNAP Stock   a path similar to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) or Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR).

SNAP Stock to Follow the TWTR Route?

SNAP Stock Price 

SNAP Stock   a path similar to Facebook Inc <span data-recalc-dims=(NASDAQ:FB) or Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)." width="300" height="200" srcset=" 300w, 720w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

FOREX INVESTORS BUZZ SNAP Stock   a path similar to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) or Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR).

With the recent Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) downgrade, the company is definitely on the back foot and doesn’t appear to be inching closer towards Facebook levels of success. In fact, the SNAP stock IPO price per share was higher when it was initially released than it is today. To sum things up, all is not well in the Snap kingdom.

Twitter Stock vs. Snap Stock 

Ironically, Snap founder and CEO Evan Spiegel deliberately went out of his way to avoid falling into the same pitfall as Twitter when he was preparing for the SNAP IPO.

SNAP Stock


SNAP stock chart


Early on, Twitter famously bandied about high growth rate numbers and user numbers in order to justify its valuation, but the growth eventually slowed, and the Twitter stock price dried up with it.

Evan Spiegel and co. went out of their way to avoid resembling Twitter, and the pitch worked, at least at first.

 TWTR stock chart


The Snap stock IPO price per share shot up to about $24.00 in the early days, even though it started trading at $17.00 per share. That huge gain would last about a day or two before the stock began tumbling back to earth.

So is Snap stock going to be the next Twitter stock? I’d say yes. There are just too many red flags right now that make me wary of SNAP stock.

First, remember that its valuation was absurdly bloated. The Snap valuation ended up being around $28.3 billion at its IPO, which—divided by its revenue in 2016—results in a value that is 70 times more than its revenue.

Instagram Competition and Snap Ad Dollars 

Snap ad products and Snap ad dollars are what the company runs on. It said as much in its SEC filings. (Source: “FORM S-1,” U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, February 2, 2017.)

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Mark Cuban ICO Investment  Mark Cuban ICO Investment Mark Cuban ICO Investment Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks

Mark Cuban ICO Investment: Should You Follow?

Mark Cuban Cryptocurrency Flip-Flop on Bitcoin Bubble

Mark Cuban ICO Investment  Mark Cuban ICO Investment Mark Cuban ICO Investment Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks

FOREX INVESTORS Mark Cuban ICO Investment  Mark Cuban ICO Investment Mark Cuban ICO Investment Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was a vocal critic of blockchain technology. He even called Bitcoin a bubble, which gives the impression that he thinks it is all nonsense. And yet the Unikrn eSports ICO tells a different story…try Googling “Mark Cuban ICO investment” or “Mark Cuban cryptocurrency” to see what I mean.

Cuban is “thinking” about investing in an initial coin offering (ICO) held by Unikrn.

The company appears quite straightforward. It is an online betting platform where people can place bets on sporting events. (Source: “Mark Cuban, who just called bitcoin a bubble, says he plans to invest in another digital coin,” CNBC, June 30, 2017.)

Mark Cuban ICO Investment into Blockchain Technology

Is Mark Cuban’s presence a good thing or a bad thing?

We can laugh at his hypocrisy all we want, but it doesn’t add any change to our pockets. He is still a billionaire, and we are still not. So let’s look at the pros and cons to Cuban’s potential investment in Unikrn.


Of course, the Unikrn eSports ICO is lucky to have Mark Cuban on the prospectus.

First off, he’s a judge on Shark Tank, making him more of a celebrity billionaire than a regular billionaire. But he’s also an existing investor in the company. He’s given Unikrn money before.

In other words, Cuban is doubling down on his bet. Second- and third-round investors like to see earlier investors remain bullish on the company’s outlook. It shows acceleration, rather than the opposite.

Mark Cuban ICO Investment


We haven’t seen any details on the ICO. Mark Cuban didn’t become a billionaire by being a nice guy, so maybe he’s hopping on the ICO in order to raise a lot of money very quickly. Or maybe he wants to raise money without a ton of oversight.

Since ICOs are largely unregulated; they aren’t bound by the reporting requirements that force public companies to issue 10-Qs and 10-Ks. We have no idea what they’re up to after they take our funding, which is dangerous for obvious reasons.

Conclusion: How Risky Are ICOs?

The flipside is best summarized by “no risk, no reward.”

It’s a tired phrase, but the correlation between danger and fortune is well-established. Markets reward courage specifically because courage is not normally distributed among investors.

It is by nature a tail-end characteristic, meaning that you’ll end up wealthy or washed up.

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BUZ INVESTORS PRESS RELEASE Swiss EY Team Joins Polybius Cryptobank Swiss EY (Ernst & Young) Partner Daniel Haudenshild, financial services managers Valdemar Scherer and Sven Möller are collaborating to lead

Swiss EY Team Joins Polybius Cryptobank as Advisors, ICO to Follow

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The Partner at Swiss EY joins Polybius Bank project along with the team as advisors, ICO set for launch in Spring 2017.

BUZ INVESTORS  PRESS RELEASE  Swiss EY Team Joins Polybius Cryptobank    Swiss EY (Ernst & Young) Partner Daniel Haudenshild, financial services managers Valdemar Scherer and Sven Möller are collaborating to lead

BUZ INVESTORS  PRESS RELEASE  Swiss EY Team Joins Polybius Cryptobank    Swiss EY (Ernst & Young) Partner Daniel Haudenshild, financial services managers Valdemar Scherer and Sven Möller are collaborating to lead the Polybius project team on banking operations, technology, and legislation. Polybius aims to create a regulated, decentralized bank for the digital generation and the company is planning an ICO this May to garner community support for its initiative.

The London-based audit and consulting firm, Ernst & Young is one among the “Big Four” audit companies. Many of EY’s activities involve advisory support to financial institutions.

The Polybius Cryptobank project attracted the attention of Swiss financiers at the BlockchainUA conference held in Kiev in March. Experts from EY were interested in the idea of re-inventing the bank by using a combination of traditional banking services for all segments of the population, business types and latest technology solutions like blockchain and artificial intelligence to reduce costs, increase efficiency and profitability.

Advisors from EY have noted how competently bold and unconventional moves like document circulation on the blockchain and the system of remote verification of the user’s identity for interaction with commercial and governmental structures fit into the latest EU regulations.

 Swiss EY Team Joins Polybius Cryptobank


The evolving financial market and changing requirements for EU regulations have driven the European regulators to be at the forefront of technological changes and regulatory requirements. It is a need of the hour to ensure the preparedness of EU’s financial institutions for the ensuing opportunities and bold future undertakings.

Partner at Swiss EY Daniel Haudenschild applauding the efforts of Polybius said,

“We are impressed by the consistency of the Polybius team and how successfully their ideas fit into the opportunities that are opening up against the background of the changes in the European legislation.”

Polybius Cryptobank, a project established by the Estonian company Polybius Foundation, is a payment institution offering classic banking services fueled by most modern technologies that meet the strictest requirements of European legislation.

Polybius ICO

The money for launching the project will be collected during the crowdfunding campaign, during which the placement of the tokens will take place. The goal of the campaign is to raise at least $ 10 million. 20% of the annual distributable profit of the bank will be shared among holders of all tokens as dividends. The crowdfunding start date will be announced in May on the project website, via Polybius newsletter and social media.

About Polybius

Polybius Bank combines features of modern banking, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain-based technologies while also meeting security and UX requirements. The Digital Pass technology, developed by HashCoins and implemented into Polybius Bank, will serve as an automation and digitalization ecosystem, enabling full industry integration.

Learn more about Polybius at –

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ARK Mainnet Goes Live on March 21, 2017, Token Distribution to Follow

ARK Mainnet Goes Live on March 21, 2017, Token Distribution to Follow

ARK Mainnet Goes Live on March 21, 2017, Token Distribution to Follow

ARK Mainnet Goes Live on March 21, 2017, Token Distribution to Follow

ARK blockchain ecosystem gears up for the mainnet (main blockchain) launch on March 21, 2017.

ARK Mainnet Goes Live March 9, 2017, France – The blockchain ecosystem, ARK proudly announces the launch of its mainnet — the ARK blockchain on Tuesday, March 21, 2017. Along with the genesis block, the platform will also generate all the ARK tokens for distribution amongst the Token Exchange Campaign (TEC) participants.

A result of few months of extensive coding and testing, the mainnet launch will mark a major accomplishment for both the ARK Crew and ARK Community. The team behind the development of mainnet prioritized core’s stability over the speed of delivery to ensure a flawless, efficient system. ARK Crew expresses its gratitude to the understanding community that has been supporting them all along.


ARK Mainnet Goes Live

Once the genesis block is created on March 21, 2017, at 19:00 UTC, the crowd sale participants will be able to visit to claim their ARK tokens. They can start withdrawing the tokens into their personal ARK wallets or addresses. ARK TEC participants and community members can also download an updated version of the ARK personal desktop wallet from the website before March 21st. At the same time, ARK insists existing wallet users to upgrade their ARK wallets to the latest mainnet version before launch.

The ARK Crew will soon start adding bounties to the Token Exchange website or manually process them after the mainnet launch, ensuring ample time for verifying the network before distribution. ARK will make the exchanges available to the community during the initial launch period. While additional details about the exchanges are limited at this time, the platform will soon update more information on its Slack Chat and official blog during the mainnet launch.

About ARK

A new decentralized digital asset token, ARK is based on a much-advanced blockchain technology and is meant for mass consumer adoption. ARK, with its extensive capabilities, incorporates some of the best features like SmartBridge Technology, allowing it to communicate with other blockchains. It uses Encoded Listeners that listens for any communication sent via the ARK SmartBridge vendor fields inserted as small code snippets by participating blockchains. The SmartBridge can be utilized by other coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even SmartBridge Apps.

ARK is the first Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus based cryptotoken, with initial upgrades like HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) Wallets. ARK has made significant improvements to its DPoS algorithm and the Lisk codebase from which it was forked.

ARK Updates

Significant upgrades made to ARK ecosystem includes the replacement of sidechains with SmartBridge, removal of custom node version, UI (for stability and security reasons), changes in constants like block time, block rewards, etc.

ARK now adds simple PBFT before forging a new block. It has also made some changes to the address format, keeping it close to the Bitcoin type addressing format while enabling HD Wallet (as per BIP32) functionality. Other changes include completely rewritten node management (using single Node-Manager and messaging system), forging round management (removal of mem-round, reward block fee to forger – zero delay reward) and an addition of 64 bytes Vendor Field as the first SmartBridge iteration.

In-memory Peer management processing for improved efficiency, strengthened transaction management and broadcast core functionality, division of relay nodes and forging nodes, modified nodes broadcast pattern for improved transaction speeds and SPV support for lite clients are some of the other additional updates included in the mainnet.

Once the ARK mainnet is launched, the platform intends to add IPFS as first class citizen (using SmartBridge addressing), improve the protocol (uncle forging, voting weights), remove unsecure APIs and create routing tables.

The ARK network is secured by 51 delegate nodes, chosen by a voting process involving public votes with ARK tokens. Each ARK token containing wallet will be eligible to cast one vote during the launch. However, once the mainnet starts operating smoothly, the voting mechanism will change to support multiple votes per wallet.

Approximately one week after the mainnet launch, ARK will introduce Community Forging at block 75,600, allowing anyone to run a forging node by making use of the ARK Commander Node installer and monitoring tool (instructions available on the blog). ARK has successfully tested 25 transactions per second, with 8 second block times on its testnet. However, the newly launched mainnet will be hard coded for 5 TPS, to be scaled on demand.

ARK once again expresses its gratitude to the community and ARK TEC participants for making the initiative possible. It invites people to submit their queries, support requests, and suggestions on the official ARK Slack channel.

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Asia Markets Follow Wall Streets Lead

Asia-Markets Follow Wall Streets Lead

Asia-Markets Follow Wall Streets Lead

Chinese mainland markets traded higher, with the Shanghai composite closing up 48.38 points

Asia-Markets Follow Wall Streets Lead

Wall Street gave new confidence across global markets by closing last week with record highs. Asian markets took the cue, with traders shrugging off some disappointing economic data from China and focusing on the record finishes in the U.S. markets and a rebound in oil prices.

In Australia, the ASX 200 closed up 22.88 points, or 0.42 percent, at 5,530.90, posting a 0.6 percent gain for the week. while the benchmark Nikkei 225 closed up 184.80 points, or 1.10 percent, at 16,919.92 resuming trade after returning from its Thursday public holiday. For the week, the Nikkei posted a 4.09 percent gain.

The Korean Kospi finished nearly flat at 2,050.47, giving up earlier gains of around 0.3 percent and in Hong Kong, the Hang Seng index added 0.82 percent.

In the currency market, the Australian dollar dropped from levels near $0.7685 before the release of the China data to as low as $0.7667. At 3:02 p.m. HK/SIN, the Aussie traded at $0.7682. China is one of Australia’s key trading partners and Chinese data usually impacts the Aussie.

Markets also reacted to oil price volatility amid speculation over the upcoming OPEC meeting. In Asia trade, oil prices extended their overnight rebound, with U.S. crude futures up 0.6 percent at $43.76 a barrel after jumping 4.3 percent overnight. Global benchmark Brent added 0.35 percent to $46.20 after climbing 4.5 percent overnight.