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Buz Investors PUBLIC SERVICES, IMPROVE PATIENT CARE The Manitoba government is introducing companion pieces of legislation to protect the front-line services relied upon by Manitoba families, deliver better patient care through necessary Market Trends 


Legislation Would Provide Tools to Government, Enforcement and Public Health During Transition of Federal Legalization of Marijuana:  Stefanson Buz Investors CANNABIS HARM PREVENTION ACT The Manitoba government is introducing new legislation that would be focused on harm reduction and public safety as part of its ongoing preparation for federal legalization of marijuana, Justice Minister Heather Stefanson announced today. This legislation would be an early step by our government to target drug-impaired driving and prioritize the health and safety of Manitoba youth,” said Stefanson.  “As the federal government moves to legalize…

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‘Still Skeptical’ OPEC’s talks will be informal but can be converted into an extraordinary meeting, which could result in a decision by the group, Boutarfa said. Russia hasn’t received offers from other producers about a possible output cut, and the lack of an agreement in Algiers would not be critical for the country, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said, according to a RIA Novosti report on Sunday. Market Trends 

Saudis Willing to Act on ‘Critical’ Oil Market, Algeria Says

Saudis Willing to Act on ‘Critical’ Oil Market, Algeria Says Buz Traders Looking on Believing is Seeing  Critical Oil Market   Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, has offered to cut its output to January levels, Algeria’s energy minister said as he prepared to host a meeting of OPEC producers later this week. Prices tumbled 3.7 percent on Friday after Saudi Arabia signaled that the Algiers meeting will be consultative and unlikely to reach a firm decision. While Noureddine Boutarfa’s comments don’t change that, they suggest OPEC’s leading member may…

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Coeure Says ECB May Need to Dive Deeper If Governments Don’t Act Forex News 

Coeure Says ECB May Need to Dive Deeper If Governments Don’t Act

Coeure Says ECB May Need to Dive Deeper If Governments Don’t Act European Central Bank Executive Board member Benoit Coeure said unconventional monetary policy may have to be used differently and more frequently if governments don’t act to boost the growth potential “We will fulfill the price stability mandate given to us,” Coeure said. “But if other actors do not take the necessary measures in their policy domains, we may need to dive deeper While slowing growth and inflation present difficulties for central banks around the industrialized world, the Frankfurt-based…

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