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OptionFair trading platform

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OptionFair trading platform


Uncomplicated Trading Platform


OptionFair trading platformOption Investing Partners – One of the main attractions about’s trading platform is the ease with which you can start using it to trade in binary options. To place a trade, you just need to complete a few steps in defining the parameters of the transaction.

Apart from the ease of use, trading platform does hold a couple other surprises. One of these is the “One Touch Trading” platform, which rather than selecting whether a particular asset will rise or fall in price by a predetermined expiry, you will choose whether a specific price will be reached or not.  In simple terms will the asset touch the line or not.

OptionFair’s trading platform also offers another trading feature called “Boundary Trading” or what some might call “Range Trading”. Using this feature, traders will decide whether a particular asset will breach a predefined price range prior to the start of the trade.

With Boundary Trading, if an investor feels that the price of a traded asset will fall below the lower end of a specified range or climb above the higher end of a specified range, then he will select the “OUT” button. If he believes the converse will happen, the investor will then select the “IN” button.

Another great feature about is the fact that it allows any open market position to be closed prior to the predetermined expiry time. Under the “My Open Trades” section of the trading window, traders can simply click on any of the open positions and then click the “Close” button to close that particular position before its expiry time.

For those are interested in super fast trading, also offer the “60 Seconds” trading feature. This feature is becoming more and more popular among traders of binary options as it’s fast and exciting especially for newer traders. With this feature traders only have to wait for a minute to find whether their options will expire in the money or out of the money.


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