Cryptocurrency Backed by Real Estate  Las Vegas-based blockchain startup REcoin group has finally announced the launch dates for its long-awaited cryptocurrency

REcoin: The First Ever Cryptocurrency Backed by Real Estate, Confirms Token Pre-Sale and ICO Launch Dates

Bitcoin Press Release: Real Estate-backed startup REcoin Group has proudly announced its long-awaited Token Pre-Sale and ICO launch.

Cryptocurrency Backed by Real Estate  Las Vegas-based blockchain startup REcoin group has finally announced the launch dates for its long-awaited cryptocurrency


FOREX INVESTORS  – Cryptocurrency Backed by Real Estate  Las Vegas-based blockchain startup REcoin group has finally announced the launch dates for its long-awaited cryptocurrency crowdsale. The ICO is set to go live on August 7, 2017. Real Estate guru and founder of the REcoin Group, Maksim Zaslavskiy has announced that the crowdsale process will include both pre-token sale and an official ICO fundraising campaign.

REcoin is a new proprietary cryptocurrency designed for a broad range of financial transactions and backed by the real estate held by the 101REcoin Trust, which includes the real estate in developed and stable economies like the USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain and Switzerland.

There are several economic and technical measures in place that makes REcoin attractive as a means of payment for real estate transactions. These technical measures are going to be carefully managed, tracked and authenticated through blockchain technology. An international team of attorneys and programmers have been working tirelessly on creating solutions for REcoin holders, allowing them to enter smart contracts in real estate rentals (with the addition of sales contracts later). They are also actively developing the supporting eco-system and creating partnerships with various Internet platforms.

Cryptocurrency Backed by Real Estate

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These measures shall inevitably lead to an exponential increase of the REcoin’s investment potential. The proceeds from the initial sale of tokens will be invested in the highly regulated real estate market in virtually all jurisdictions while reinforcing the holders’ and investors’ confidence in the REcoin. In addition, 83% of the mining within the next fifty years of the issue will be invested in the real estate as well.

The construction of the REcoin ecosystem has been painstakingly undertaken by the development team, in the search for, creation and integration of Internet platforms that provide services in the real estate, retail and financial markets. Point-of-sale and other businesses of any specialization can also apply for inclusion in the affiliate program. A lucrative partner program is designed specifically for the purpose of expanding the range of operations and services in real estate, for which it is financially beneficial to conduct operations in REcoin. By the time of launch, the REcoin ecosystem will be represented by the following Internet partner platforms:

  • 101rebid – an online platform for conducting auctions for the sale/lease of real estate
  • 101cowork – Internet service for finding/offering real estate services
  • 101news – a news site dedicated to real estate
  • 101mls – a classified ads platform designed specifically for Realtors
  • 101fundit – an online platform for crowdfunding in real estate

REcoin ICO and Token Pre-sale

The REcoin Initial Coin Offering and token pre-sale stage are scheduled to run from August 7, 2017, until October 7, 2017. During this time REcoin urges investors to get better acquainted with the company before they choose to support the project. The pre-sale of tokens is not limited. However, the volume of tokens designated for sale at a discount is limited.

About REcoin

REcoin is a new Ethereum-based cryptocurrency with Smart Contracts capabilities that provide the solution to any B2B, B2C or P2P real estate rental activities. The value of REcoin is guaranteed by American real estate assets, which are held in a trust equal to the value of all REcoins sold. REcoin supports its own ecosystem and runs as their internal payment unit. The system continually grows and is always looking for new partners to extend REcoin’s potential. At the moment, REcoin cooperates with platform’s 101NEWS, 101MLS, 101FUNDIT, 101COWORK, and 101REBID.

Learn more about REcoin at –

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