BUZ INVESTORS Marijuana Stock Market Canada is going to be the first western nation to totally legalize recreational and medical marijuana

What Canadian Laws Mean for the Marijuana Stock Market

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Marijuana Stocks Are Under the Government’s Thumb

BUZ INVESTORS  Marijuana Stock Market Canada is going to be the first western nation to totally legalize recreational and medical marijuana on a national scale. As such, many investors are rightfully treating Canada as a guinea pig of sorts to see how arduous the process of legalization is and what the ultimate effects on the marijuana stock market will be as a result.

Obviously, as you would expect, legalization is good for business. Unless you know a way to invest and trade in roving illegal gangs, sellers, and importers (probably not a good idea, even if possible), then investors have for a long time been shut out from getting in on the recreational marijuana market.

But with Canada’s laws set to be put in place by next summer, we’ll be able to invest in the recreational marijuana market for the first time on a national scale. (Source: “Liberals to announce marijuana will be legal by July 1, 2018,” CBC, March 26, 2017.)

Canadian Laws, Marijuana Stock Market Implications

Canada has a bunch of restrictions when it comes to alcohol marketing.

For instance, alcohol cannot be shown to liven up a party, or be used by role models like celebrities and athletes, or even be consumed on air. (Source: “Marijuana marketing: Alcohol industry calls for restrictions,The Globe and Mail, April 6, 2017.)

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The marketing restrictions are largely aimed at preventing exposure to children, thus prohibiting ads showing drinkers having too much of a good time.

Now, studies will show a million different health conclusions regarding marijuana, but what’s more important here is the perception of lawmakers and their constituents. If marijuana is treated like alcohol when it comes to marketing, then it would make sense that pot would face similar restrictions in terms of who sells it, age conditions, and store hours etc.

If the marijuana marketing law comes down on the side of the alcohol business, that will be a good indicator of how the nation will treat the drug in other areas as well. Additionally, the move will also be cited by those who wish to seek similar treatment in other nations when and if they join Canada in legalizing pot.

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