Best Marijuana Stocks to Watch Right Now

Is it a Good Time to Invest in Weed Stocks?

BUZ INVESTORS Best Marijuana Stocks Easter is just around the corner but for the “Prince of Pot,” the real celebration doesn’t begin until the eve of April 20. That’s the day when America’s northern neighbor lights up reefers to rejoice.

BUZ INVESTORS Best Marijuana Stocks  Easter is just around the corner but for the “Prince of Pot,” the real celebration doesn’t begin until the eve of April 20. That’s the day when America’s northern neighbor lights up reefers to rejoice. Why? Because some good news is expected this month that could send both marijuana lovers and marijuana stock investors to the seventh heaven. If you’re an investor, you might want keep your eyes out for the best marijuana stocks to buy now.

Marc Emery is the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot,” whose activist investments in the Canadian and U.S. marijuana political parties are about to pay off; Canada is going to become the second country in the world to legalize weed, after Uruguay.



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Best Marijuana Stocks

This is why Canada’s liberal government has taken the lead and is expected to table the legalization bill by April 20. While in the U.S., the elections already proved a blessing for marijuana stocks.

State after state voted to legalize weed. Today, 28 states have opened their doors to medicinal marijuana, of which eight also allow its recreational use.

The fact of the matter is that this is a multi-billion-dollar industry, boasting double-digit year-over-year growth, and selling stocks like hot cakes. Ask yourself; wouldn’t you be bullish too?

Best Marijuana Stocks to Watch Right Now

Without further ado, these are, what I believe to be the best marijuana stocks to watch right now.

Stock Market Cap Exchange
Insys Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:INSY) $692 Million U.S.
Aphria Inc (TSE:APH) $921 Million Canada
AbbVie Inc (NYSE:ABBV) $103 Billion U.S.

1. Insys Stock (NASDAQ:INSY)

This company is probably one of the only pure plays in the U.S. that is making any money. Insys Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:INSY) is a popular name in the medical marijuana world. Not one, but two of its drugs are now approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The company is better known for its popular fentanyl-based drug, “Subsys.” But Subsys is history now. I’ll get to that later. For now, I’m more bullish on its new drug, “Syndros.”

2. Aphria Stock (TSE:APH)

One million square feet! That is the capacity to which Aphria Inc (TSE:APH) is currently expanding its marijuana-growing greenhouses. If you haven’t heard of it already, this Canadian company grows medical grade marijuana.

Unlike Insys, Aphria doesn’t sell marijuana drugs. Instead, Aphria grows the marijuana strains from which medicinal properties are derived. In other words, APH stock is an absolute marijuana play.

3. AbbVie Stock (NYSE:ABBV)

Finally, up on the podium is this pharma company, spun-off from the household name, Abbott Laboratories.

AbbVie Inc (NYSE:ABBV) is not a marijuana company, per se. So why is it on the list? Because it makes a drug that contains a derivative of marijuana and is a direct competition to similar marijuana drugs.Like up on FACEBOOK

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