Big cracks are developing in the ‘Trump portfolio’

MARKET ANALYSIS  2.9.17 A portfolio of so-called Trump trades has given back nearly a third of its gains since the election. And if President Donald Trump doesn’t begin implementing his proposed corporate tax cuts and financial industry deregulation, some trades dependent on his proposals could suffer further.

Such a hypothetical basket of trades, which is long financials and small caps (equally long the XLF, XLB and IWM) and short technology and gold (equally short the XLK and GLD), may have been a successful trade postelection, but has floundered recently.

Much of the political enthusiasm around Trump’s policies of fewer taxes and regulation and more fiscal spending has “waned,” and thus Trump trades have given up some gains since the election, said Boris Schlossberg, BK Asset Management’s managing director of foreign exchange strategy.

“None of those policy initiatives have been enacted; it’s been much more toward protectionism and toward anti-terrorism. And the market, I think, is losing patience, and that is why you’re seeing the whole Trump portfolio basket trade move off,” Schlossberg said Wednesday on CNBC’s “Trading Nation.”

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Will Peter Thiel Push a Palantir IPO in 2017?

Buz Investors Palantir IPO It’s looking more and more like 2017 is going to be the year of the tech initial public offering (IPO). With Snap Inc. likely to go public in March, and rumors surrounding the tech giant Uber Technologies, Inc



Buz Investors WEED Stock Awaiting This new year began as a muted affair for Canopy Growth Corp(TSE:WEED) and other licensed marijuana producers, as the volatility and erratic trading action that became a staple of this sector ground down to a peaceful daze in recent weeks.

This lethargic trading action didn’t last long and, after Canopy Growth stock changed its ticker symbol to WEED stock, a new round of buyers stepped in to drive the price of Canopy Growth stock higher. On Monday alone, WEED stock ran up 10.55%, resembling the type of behavior that dominated the price action late last year

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Take Two Interactive’s Quarterly Results Signal Gains for TTWO Stock

Buz Investors Take Two Interactive Software Inc (NASDAQ:TTWO) announced its fiscal third-quarter results on Tuesday, and TTWO earnings point towards a better future ahead.


Buz Investors TSLA Stock Gains Now that Tesla Motors Inc has officially changed its name to Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), all attention seems to have shifted from the company’s vehicle division to its energy segment.

With enhanced clarity on Tesla Inc’s future direction, Tesla stock has been the biggest gainer over the last three months.

Three Top Cybersecurity Stocks for 2017

Buz Investors Cybersecurity in 2017 Tech investors tend to be optimistic (and sometimes naive) about the world. They see sunshine and rainbows in dark and dangerous places, which is both their greatest strength and their greatest weakness.

Positivity is an essential ingredient for building the future, but it can also be blinding. That’s where the top cybersecurity stocks for 2017 come into play.

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