Silver Prices: 3 Factors Suggest that Silver Could Skyrocket To $50.00 an Ounce

Silver Prices: 3 Factors Suggest that Silver Could Skyrocket To $50.00 an Ounce

  • Silver Could Skyrocket Pay attention to silver prices and silver mining companies if you are looking for the next big trade. The gray precious metal could soar immensely, and reward investors big-time.
  • Over the past few weeks, silver prices have come under scrutiny from investors, mainly due to the noise about the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.
  • In the long term, we could see a massive run to the upside for silver prices. I am not ruling out $50.00 silver in a couple of years. Obviously, time will tell. It may be a great idea for investors to pay attention to silver mining companies

If You Ignore Silver Prices, You Could Be Kicking Yourself Later

Silver Could Skyrocket

Silver Prices: 3 Factors Suggest that Silver Could Skyrocket To $50.00 an Ounce

1. Gold Rush to Give Boost to Silver Prices

Understand that silver prices have high correlation with gold prices. Usually, as the yellow precious metal moves higher, the gray precious metal move to the upside as well. That said, as it stands, there seems to be a gold rush in play. For instance, along with central banks and consumer demand for gold,

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2. Tech Products Need Silver

It is often forgotten that silver has technology uses as well. The gray metal is used in tech products due to its ability to conduct electricity, and several other reasons. We are seeing a boom in technology products like cell phones, tablets, laptops and so forth.
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3. Silver Shortage Could Be Ahead

The possibility of a silver shortage has been discussed in these pages several times; currently, silver production is in trouble. Major silver producing regions are reporting decline in silver production.


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