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CannaGrow Holdings, Inc. and State Licensed Grower Announce the Arrival of Additional Highly Marketable Cannabis Strains at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Project I

CENTENNIAL, CO–(Marketwired – Jul 22, 2016) –  CannaGrow Holdings, Inc. ( OTC PINK : CGRW ) CannaGrow Holdings, Inc., a Liaison and Consultant providing turnkey solutions to licensed growers in the legal Cannabis industry, today announced that Category One Botanicals, Sub-Lessor and State License Holder at the Grow Facility at the Buffalo Project I, has moved eight additional strains into the site Mother Plant Room.


Dr. John P. Janovec, Ph.D., C.O.O. of CannaGrow Holdings, states, “The arrival of the additional strains is really rounding out our genetic inventory. The Mother Plant Room now holds over 20 strains with growth cycles that range from eight weeks to five months. Indica and Indica Hybrids that mature early will help us to start making a respectable entry into the Wholesale Market while starting the process of branding our products. S High yield, longer cycle Sativa Strains will emphasize our capabilities as a genuine wholesale provider.”

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Rod Clawson, Licensed Grower and Managing Member of Category One Botanicals LLC, adds, “When Dr. Janovec requested additional strains for the Mother Plant Room Inventory, I made the calls and made it happen. It has already been demonstrated to me what a dedicated and motivated team can accomplish. Our goal is to ramp up our production cycle as quickly as possible and take full advantage of all of the grow space that is available to us. With the Nexus Green House providing a year-round growing environment and the Seasonal Green Houses having the capabilities to produce nine months out of the year, I think it is safe to say we can expect great things in the future.”


Jason Wells, CannaGrow Holdings’ Consultant, remarked, “I am really looking forward to seeing these clones make the transition from the Mother Plant Room into the Nexus Green House and the three Seasonal Green Houses. The opportunity to work with strains such as ‘Gorilla Glue,’ ‘Master Kush,’ ‘Jack Flash,’ ‘Biodiesel,’ and ‘Head Band’ is very exciting. The Mother Plant Room will provide a perpetual output of clones and an environment for the development of new strains.”

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Delmar Janovec, CEO, stated, “Everything has really come together and all of the hard work and long hours should begin to pay off in a big way. I hope to be able to make some very significant expansion announcements as we look for additional businesses and opportunities in the Colorado Cannabis Industry.”


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